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1. For information about enrolling for language courses inside TEXT-AND-TALK Academy, call 02 561 3443, or for more customized service, call Khun Natcharee on her mobile phone: 089 991 9393.

2. For immediate assistance to enroll in a Thai language course and acquire a Non-Immigrant Education visa, contact Khun Sureeporn on 02 561 3443, extension 104, or on her mobile phone: 081 910 5152, or you may also call Mr James Parmelee on his mobile phone: 081 847 7248.

3. For information about corporate training or workshop services, call Mr James Parmelee on his mobile phone: 081 847 7248.

4. For information about obtaining a teacher to teach in a children's school or a government office, contact Khun Khun Sureeporn on 02 561 3443, extension 104, or on her mobile phone: 081 910 5152.

5. For information about translation or other document services, contact information staff on 02 561 3443, or Khun Sureeporn on her mobile phone: 081 910 5152 or her in-house line: 02 561 3443, extension 104.

6. For information about possible teaching jobs, contact Ms Jeynah Parmelee via e-mail:

7. For information about how to acquire a teacher to teach in your home or small business, call Mr Benjamin Parmelee on his mobile phone: 086 603 7755.

8. SPECIAL! Information to answer most specific questions about the TEXT-AND-TALK Academy TEFL Course: It runs for six weeks plus 6 hours of teaching practice observed by professional teachers, and self-contains a complete TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) Course without further charge.

Training is therefore held only Monday through Thursday of each week for 5 hours each day, which gives trainees a chance to relax and have some fun, do homework (or course!) and come back in refreshed and focused on Monday morning.

Given the six weeks of our world-standard course, the course fee of $1,495.00 U.S. (or 45,000 Thai baht) is the best value in every way of all course providers.

MORE GOOD NEWS! Are you too busy to attend our full-time TEFL Course? Just sign up to study at home at your own pace for a total fee of only 27,500 baht! You will, of course, need to come in to submit homework and take course exams, and you will also need to teach 6 hours of observed practice teaching wth real students. However, your certificate will be just as well accepted as everyone else's! Note, however, that there are advantages to taking the full-time interactive course, so you should do that if you have the time available to do so.

For any other information about the upcoming TEXT-AND-TALK Academy TEFL Course classes (see class schedule below), contact Mr James Parmelee on his mobile phone: 081 847 7248.

Finally, click on the following link for more information about why a TEFL Course is essential for ESL/EFL teachers.

The following are the TEFL class start-up and finish dates for the years 2012 and 2013, note the following schedule:


The Year 2012:

3 January - 9 February; 20 February - 30 March; 9 April - 12 April + 18 April - 24 May; 4 June - 12 July; 24 July - 31 August; 10 September - 18 October; 29 October - 7 December; 11 December - 21 December + 7 January, 2013 - 31 January, 2013.

The Year 2013:

11 February - 21 March; 25 March - 12 April + 22 April - 10 May; 20 May - 27 June; 1 July - 8 August; 19 August - 26 September; 30 September - 8 November; 11 November - 20 December (+ Friday, 13 December).

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