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These days, when everyone is getting on the Internet, Thai business persons need to gain greater fluency in English, while foreigners doing business in Thailand soon find that, for clear understanding, affairs may still have to be conducted in Thai. Thus, for business persons of all nationalities (and their children), it is becoming more crucial than it was for people of previous generations to acquire foreign language skills — spoken as well as written — whether that be in English, Thai, German, French, Japanese or some other tongue.

As you will see, owing to our emphasis on providing you with in-home or in-office, rather than in-school, language training, there is no school or language training institute better experienced and equipped to help your family or staff meet this modern-day challenge than TEXT-AND-TALK.

To explain what we mean, you will recognize that many individuals or families who hire native-speaking teachers to instruct their children or staff (or themselves) prefer to engage one who comes highly recommended by friends or other family members. And sometimes a good teacher really can be acquired in this way!

But most of the time, such friends or family members are not well-qualified to judge how effective this teacher may be in teaching you or your own unique family — and generally the reasons Thai people recommend such a person are that he or she has a "nice personality" or "is very poor!" This, of course, is the traditional "Thai way" of doing things, as Thai people are beloved around the world for the "taking pity" on the hardships of others.

It is not the best way, of course, of getting a teacher who not only has a pleasant and friendly personality, but is also fully qualified and experienced in teaching families just like yours. Because you have no time to waste, in preparing to meet the English (or other) language speaking demands of modern-day business, or in helping your children get over their fears and inhibitions in relating to native speakers of that foreign language, before they themselves start careers.

The traditional "Thai way" is very correct, however, in one important aspect: THE TEACHER to whom you entrust your family and children for instruction SHOULD COME HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

This is why, from all parts of the city in which (or near to which) you and our many experienced teachers are living, we have selected only the most skillful and highly recommended ones, and compiled CVs and teaching histories about them.

So when our consultant goes to visit you to set up the type of study program which each family or company member who will study needs, you will know, for your peace of mind, that all such teachers have been judged as possessing the highest moral character and are safe to entrust your children with — which these days, of course, is an important factor in choosing the right teacher, particularly to come to your home. We regret, however, that because of busy teacher schedules, you will not be able actually to meet the selected teacher prior to the first day of his or her instruction; and we also request your patience in waiting for his or her arrival up to two weeks or so, while we are interviewing and selecting just the right teacher to accomplish your study objectives. This teacher will be chosen for excellence in the English language, regardless of nationality or whether man or woman. What is important for you is that you get exactly the right one!

STUDY PROGRAMS. We have experienced and energetic teachers who can conduct whatever type and level of program your family of company may need: such as General and Specialized Business Conversation and Writing, Vocabulary/Word Building, Survival English, German, French, Thai or Japanese courses — and particularly for Thai people — TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Mathayom or Textbook Comprehension Training, for example.

To do our best job, it is extremely important (for Thai persons) that each studying member — child or adult — take our own TEXT-AND-TALK Placement Exam (the only such exam ever made up specifically to measure the problems and ability levels exclusively of each Thai individual). This exam is somewhat easy, but is comprehensive, and will enable our academic department (as well your teacher) to choose the appropriate materials of the correct level, and to establish a teaching methodology which will obtain effective, rapid and measurable results. At the same time, we will be no more "serious" about your study that you would like us to be!

If you wish your teacher to be directed each study period just according to your own needs, and to supplement what he or she has taught and practiced with you with written materials to review before the next class, then that is what the teacher will do. There is, however, an "order of learning" that needs to be followed, at least loosely, so that a student doesn't become confused and forget a bit of knowledge still too advanced for him — before he has had a chance to learn and practice other skills that might need mastering first.

RATES, DAYS OF STUDY AND STUDY PERIODS. Our program was designed to help both students and teachers.

First, it helps students in residential areas who study at home, as well as those who live above small family businesses. This is because we will charge you a lower hourly study rate than we would corporations with large study groups, and because your teacher will be experienced in helping private study groups already. And, second, our program helps teachers to fill in their teaching schedules without having (in most cases) to travel great distances across the city — though this may not be true in the case of German, French or Japanese instructors, depending on your location. This is because most companies or families prefer to have their family or staff trained in the evenings, leaving the teacher free to teach elsewhere during the day — though some study groups may in fact elect to study on the weekends.

This program can only be implemented, however, under the following conditions:

1. There must not be more than 4 students in each class. Classes can be conducted one right after the other, however, so persons of different ability levels or needs will have a chance to learn during study periods which are no longer than necessary in order to be effective.

2. Daytime study. The daytime study period must be for a minimum of two hours, except that there may be two classes of one hour each — and these must be held Monday through Friday or Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday starting not earlier than 08.00 hours and finishing not later than 14.30 hours — this to give your teacher adequate time to reach a scheduled evening class, often elsewhere in the city.

3. Evening study. The evening study period also must be for a minimum of two hours, except that there may be two classes of one hour each — and these must be held Monday through Friday or Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday and Thursday starting not earlier than 17.00 hours and finishing not later than 21.00 hours — this to give your teacher adequate time to reach your location from his daytime teaching location.

4. Weekend study. The weekend study period also must be for a minimum of two hours, except that there may be two or more classes of one hour each — and these must be held not earlier than 08.00 hours and finish not later than 16.00 hours.

5. Hourly study and materials fees. The hourly study fee for daytime classes shall be @700 baht per hour and the hourly study fee for evening and weekend classes shall be @800 baht per hour. The materials provided to the student by the course teacher will be charged to the study group at actual cost and paid directly to the teacher unless otherwise instructed by TEXT-AND-TALK Academy.

6. Class length. The length of each class shall be 30 hours, with the full payment for each class to be paid in advance to TEXT-AND-TALK Academy based on the above hourly rates. Classes may be renewed under the above conditions upon a one-week notice to our academy. Teachers sent to conduct study classes at your location are already employed by TEXT-AND-TALK Academy, and therefore cannot be hired directly by you, as this would bring about your teacher's termination of employment with TEXT-AND-TALK Academy.

7. Class cancellations. Classes cancelled by you shall count as hours studied, except that you may cancel up to two classes per month, provided you give us and the teacher a one-day notice. Sudden cancellations should also be notified immediately to both the teacher and our academy, even though the study hours will be lost — this to prevent your teacher from having to travel to your location only to find you are not available. Classes cancelled by the teacher shall be only in the event of illness or sudden hardship, and the number of teaching hours still owing to you and your group will not be decreased. Likewise, your teacher shall inform you as soon as possible that he or she cannot come on the scheduled day — that to prevent you from being inconvenienced.

8. Teacher's transporation expense. Normally, there is no extra charge for your teacher's transportation expense. However, in the event that your group needs to begin study before we can assign a suitable teacher in your part of the city and so have to assign a teacher to you who lives in a different part of the city, you will be asked to pay a portion of your teacher's transporation expenses — not to us, but directly to the teacher in an amount agreeable to both sides!

YOUR STUDY PROGRESS ASSURANCE. Our academy guides your teacher's conduct and teaching performance, maintains a record of your students' progress through exams and other methods, and assists him or her to plot a careful new course of study every 30 hours. And, of course, your teacher will have constant access to our extensive library of language training materials!

YOUR ASSURANCE OF UNINTERRUPED TEACHING PERFORMANCE. Although teacher emergencies do not often happen so that he or she must leave a course unfinished, our academy will provided a highly skilled and experienced teacher to replace your teacher in such an eventwithin a period not exceeding two weeks from the time of the first teacher's departure, and, with our complete teaching record of the first teacher's performance, your new instructor will be able to complete all of your classes without any break in either teacher or student performance!

THESE ARE THE RULES, CONDITIONS AND BENEFITS. They are fair and protect all of us: you, your teacher and us.


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