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“The Language Service Institute that Cares”

(In companies, homes, children’s schools and our Academy)

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Teaching opportunities change almost daily, and the job of your dreams could also be filled even before you arrive to apply for it! However, teaching jobs do come in continually, and if your application (contained in the form below) shows the qualifications we require, we DEFINITELY would like to meet you! After all, your preferences will be earmarked for you by us in accordance with your needs, experience and qualifications, and after meeting you we will know how to assist you, and ourselves, in the future. So, to get work quickly, please fill in the spaces showing your personal information and preferences in the form below, then send us an e-mail by clicking on "Apply" TODAY! We’ll contact you and set up an appointment which is convenient for you, and us.

(For more information about qualifications and privileges, see TEXT-AND-TALK Teachers — and then return here immediately for a map of our location and to complete your full understanding of our opportunities!)


Thai studentOurs is a quality language school, and truly "The language institute that cares". Having been actively in business in Thailand for 21 years now, we are a leader in both outside and inside English language training contracts with companies, government agencies and schools, and we protect your earnings against cancellations, so that you will be able to budget on your income from us from the day your class instruction begins until the day it’s over. We normally have around 70 teachers working for us, and these (if full-time) typically earn in a range of 35,000-50,000 baht per month, or more.


If you are teaching, or plan on teaching, EFL or ESL as a career and have not yet had a chance to receive fully-qualifying TEFL course training (and the employer-demanded Certificate that follows that), the cost for our globally-recognized 120-hour TEFL for Target Learner Groups© Course is less than that charged by others, who offer not nearly as many benefits as ours in terms of preparation for teaching both ESL and EFL learners (including all nationalities and first language users — and certainly Thai and other Asian students), and both adults and children.

In fact, our TEFL Certificate Course self-contains, without any additional charge, a complete TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) Course, which would cost you an extra $500.00 to $600.00 (15,000 - 18, 000 baht) expense if taken elsewhere. Therefore, because our training course provides much more worthwhile instruction than any other, we conduct it over a period of six weeks instead of four, to prevent stress in our trainees, and run it only five hours a day Monday through Thursday of each week (plus a little extra time to provide you with six hours of actual teaching practice observed and critiqued by helpful professional teachers). This gives you Friday, Saturday and Sunday to relax, have some fun, do your homework (of course) and come back in refreshed on focused on Monday morning.

At the same time, although running our course over six weeks means the expense to us of conducting it is 50% more than for our less-qualified (four-week miracle) competitors, we do not charge more for our course than most of them, and actually less than several.

Finally, our TEFL Certificate is greedily accepted by employers everywhere, not only throughout Thailand, but in over 30 other countries, as well — because thirteen years of producing the finest ESL/EFL teachers in the world has been duly noted by employers who want to hire the best teachers available!

To read more about our TEXT-AND-TALK Academy TEFL Course, and possibly enroll, just click here: TEFL for Target Learner Groups© Course.

And to read about our excellent Thai language course and the year-long Education Visa that comes with that (as needed), just click here: At School Training.

Here is a map of our school’s location with bus route and other information:

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