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“The Language Service Institute that Cares”


TEXT-AND-TALK Consultancy (Thailand) Limited
was established in 1990 as a standard-enhancing language training institute for the conduct of General and Business English and Japanese language training for the staff in companies, as well as for children in children's schools and universities, and the private training of families and children in their homes or small businesses. So successful were our efforts that now we conduct language courses of all types, as well as our globally recognized TEFL Teacher Training Course at four different locations: Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen ― under full Ministry of Education authorization and the (English) institute name "TEXT-AND-TALK Consultancy Language Development Academy".

TEXT-AND-TALK was founded by Thailand National Director JAMES PARMELEE, who himself (with a greater-than-Ph.D. level of knowledge in linguistics, as well as professional writing skills and expertise in direct selling and marketing) possessed at that time OVER 23 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN SUCCESSFUL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING OF THAI PEOPLE in universities, colleges, companies and language schools of all types. James, along with his wife Sureeporn, the Manager of our Language Development Academy, early on established some guiding principles of business conduct which, to this day, have served our organization well ― these being that:

"We will take very good care
of the people who take care of us.

1. "We will conduct business only in fields of and in which we ourselves are informed, skilled and experienced."

2. "We will promise to do and perform all that our client companies and students might reasonably desire and expect of a professional language training institute; but, unlike many competitor institutes, will always be available for consultation, and will really deliver at all times what we have promised."

3. "We will employ only the best-qualified, experienced and professionally trained instructors to conduct language training in the name of TEXT-AND-TALK."

4. "We will take very good care of the people who take care of us." (This includes our client companies and their staff [our students]; all students; the teachers who perform well; the PR agents who provide places and opportunities for our teachers to teach; and, not least, our fine office staff who make the PR agents (and everything else) possible."

5. " We will expand our services into other lines as soon and as much as possible, including, among other programs, a TEFL English Teacher Training Course, a world-standard translation/interpreting and document services operation and well-prepared workships to benefit Thai company staff ― but only upon attaining the point of development at which we can assure clients of the broadest, sincerest and best performance it is humanly possible for us to provide." We are proud to report that these objectives have now been fully realized!

Currently, TEXT-AND-TALK conducts a full suite of Executive Services for both Thais and Foreigners through our unique FAX-WRITE® Translation, Writing, Editing and Interpreting Service, which provides full Quality Control and Assurance ― through meticulous Proofreading, Editing and Document Formatting ― at rates competitive with those of translation companies that do not offer such controls, and generally at superior speed, as well.

Finally, we are proud beyond words of the fully-accredited TEXT-AND-TALK Academy TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course which we have created and produced, and through which we have turned out almost 2,800 EFL/ESL teacher graduates who are now instructing English students professionally all over Thailand ― and in more than 30 other countries, as well! The story behind our development of this unique course is a fascinating one indeed. Please click here to read the whole story: About us.

Much more is planned than simply this for the future ― but we believe that, for now, you will understand why so many teachers and educators have informed us that:

"Your school has done more to
of private language academies in Thailand

than anything or anyone else in recent years."

― and why, as our slogan, we call ourselves with pride:

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